Specialized in Numerical Simulation applications
related to the Hall-Héroult process

MHD-VALDIS cell stability model
see brochure in .pdf format

Model of the thermo-electric behavior of the cell including ledge profile prediction
see brochure in .pdf format

Transient thermo-electric model of the cell preheat

Dynamic Windows based ¨lump parameter+¨ cell simulator
see Dyna/Marc 14.0 brochure in .pdf format

Model of the behavior of the air circulation in the potroom of an aluminum smelter

Dynamic cathode erosion model based on an erosion law proportional to cathode surface current density

Accurate current density calculation based on predicted ledge profile

Dynamic 2D+ ANSYS based cell simulator

Thermo-electric model validation including support in performing ¨thermal blitz¨ campaign


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